Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ready for borders-

pick and choose borders 005 I got the center sewn up this morning and hung it on the mini blinds (my version of a design wall). I decided that this was a lot of sewing for a 50 x 50 ‘top’.

This project is strictly from stash and for the most part from a couple of baggies of inherited sqs. I added a narrow 3” border from a black sheet (Yes it is stash from my buy them on sale days!)

The scrappy border is from sets that were sewn in threes (poss for a 9-patch block?) I made two sets and cut them each in half length wise to add color.

The next border is more of the black and cut at 6”. I was planning to be done at that point. I still had a pretty good hand full of the pre-sewn sqs. so I joined a few more and added the larger 3” scrappy border.

pick and choose borders 003

This top decided it just was big enough to let me stop thinking about it. I have enough of the black to add another 9” border all around. So instead of a 72 x 72 I am shooting for a 90 x 90. I can live with that.

I know you are thinking that with such large open areas in the borders that I am going to quilt really lovely stuff- wrong!

I am a border to border gal- so I have to keep it simple. The borders do concern me thought. Here is what I am thinking now- tomorrow may be something different.

pick and choose borders 006

First thought is to do something in the top left and bottom right corners- Then add the larger border and ‘do something’ on the opposite corners. Question is “WHAT”?

pick and choose borders 007

I am not liking how my leaves are turning out so IF I can get away with not using any, that will be fine with me.

pick and choose borders 008

Now that I ‘see’ this last photo I am wondering if it would look OK to just add ‘circles’ in place of the flowers- That would be easier than appliquéing the petals. (and I wouldn’t have to consider leaves).

I may just wake up tomorrow and decided this is finished the way it is.

Now to come up with a NAME for this ONE.- cw