Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Ornaments- TO DO

Here is a quick and easy way to use up those pre-printed holiday ornaments.

For some reason I seem to collect projects that no one else wants to finish. These pieces have to be from the late 1970's!

I picked up two panels from our Thrift Shop for $0.25.

My first thought was to raw-edge applique to solid blocks and use in a scrappy quilt. The colors are a little dated even for my stash so that idea didn't go very far.

Second thought was to do the traditional two sided-stuffed with fiber fill ornament for the tree- didn't take me two minutes to figure out I was not going to do that one either!

I want fast and easy- money/candy holders are the simplest things I know how to do.

One doesn't have to fussy cut or even sew a straight line. For these little give-a-ways, I used two pieces of felt on the back. I cut the outer felt in half to form a pocket.

Machine zig-zag around the entire figure. Add a ribbon to hang. "Stuff" with the candy/chocolate/coins or bills of your choice.

I can see using these as gift tags too. To make a stiffer piece, use pelon and two layers of felt. I can see machine embelishing the piece before adding the pocket.
I am not a 'card' maker but bet these would applique up pretty cute.