Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Favorites Things Block Exchange 2009 Trans-Quilty Group

exchange blocks 2009 transquilty 003 Today a couple of friends came over and we worked on the exchange blocks form a group trade. I had a couple of ideas on how I wanted to set the 10 blocks. This photo is the top sewn together and I am going to share the thought process


I like scrappy quilts especially when the blocks are different patterns, I have made a lot of Orphan Block quilts from the ones that just quite didn’t make it into a project.

I think it will be fun to see with the other nine gals do to set their ten blocks together.

One of my thoughts was to do a traditional 3 x 3 block setting with strip sets between the blocks and then using ‘my block’ on the back. This would have been a fast way to make a small couch throw size quilt.

Another thought was to make ten split blocks (light/dark) and set the 20 blocks 4 X 5 to make a larger utility size piece. With borders 68 x 80 (ish)

My Idea was to go with a black tone on tone and a pink print. My friend Mary on the other hand wanted a burgundy quilt. I let her pick from stash and ‘surprise me’. I am thrilled with her choices. This setting was easy to do--especially b/c she cut out the sqs. for the blocks and re-sized for me.

.exchange blocks 2009 transquilty 002

Another good friend, Dawn, did my sewing. She is fast, fast and keep the units going as we then cut and sub-cut, etc.

exchange blocks 2009 transquilty 004 Log Cabin Block by Maureen and Homespun block by Reginaexchange blocks 2009 transquilty 005

I made the applique butterfly block and used my extra black in the border to the top. I wonder if the other participants will use their scraps in setting their masterpieces.

exchange blocks 2009 transquilty 006 exchange blocks 2009 transquilty 007 The floral 9-patch block is from Ephi

exchange blocks 2009 transquilty 008Paper pieced star is from Gina, and the Thimble is from Shellie exchange blocks 2009 transquilty 009Zarina made the Shoo Fly exchange blocks 2009 transquilty 010 Sharon did the RED block (a 4-patch/9-patch)exchange blocks 2009 transquilty 011This Friendship Star is from Nancy exchange blocks 2009 transquilty 012 The Ohio Star in Novely print is from Jillexchange blocks 2009 transquilty 013 exchange blocks 2009 transquilty 014

I am thrilled with Mary’s choice for the border material, to keep from having to miter the corners a 4-patch of the burgundy and yellow was a quick to-doexchange blocks 2009 transquilty 015

I will edit in the info on who made which block and hopefully link to each quilters blog post when they finish their tops. This was a fun project- Thanks to cyber-quilt friends and live body friends this top is on its way to getting quilted! cw