Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rooster Window Update- Installed

We are working on re-doing my home office.  Happy to say the floor is looking good!   As usual I am jumping ahead and 'decorating'  (or cluttering as hubby calls it- lol)

This stained glass window is my first piece done by myself.  I have a few things to 'tweek' on it but for the most part it is done.

The next few days are going to be dreary so I may have to wait awhile to 'see' the light coming through.  I did turn on the inside light and take a peak last night from outside-  wow! 

I still need to add the 'eye'.   The stained glass is attached with clips and needs centered better.  The window can still be raised and lowered.  The clips I used have a white tape on them, I think I will try scrape that off and attach a clear double sided product.

The 'rooster' started as an image I found in cyberspace (thanks google!)  The hexie background is different textures of clear glass.  I actually drew out the background and made my rooster 'fit'.

Orange glass is expensive so I only purchased one piece.  Of course I broke it on both tail feathers.  Oh well, curves are just going to be something I have to work on- lol

I love the primitive 'look', the thick coloring book lines.  I am excited to know that I can do this!  If you can draw it I can do it in glass.  What a whole new creative world I have just stepped into- wish me well-  cw