Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Neighbor Girl Quilt- variation

Do you ever see a quilt and think I can do that?  Then when you get ready to "do that" you can't remember where you saw the inspiration piece.

It drives me nuts.

Jo posted a quilt last week.  She even offered a free version.  I didn't look it up b/c I had done the block before.  So of course there was no reason to write myself a note as to what I had just seen.   I  knew I could die cut the pieces using my GO and dies.
I found a packet of fabrics that looked like they would work,  I pulled out the dies.  I got ready to start cutting and went blank!!  I had no notes on what I wanted to try do.

New Year's quilt/project resolution:  Print a photo and write where I found the blog or inspiration AND make notes as to if/when and what I want to accomplish.
Jo made her quilt in a straight set w/an adorable border.  I think I will make mine off set and possibly applique flowers in two corners of the outer border.  I have just enough left over scraps to do a few embellishments.
 The block I did years ago is the one third from the top on the right.  This Christmas quilt was made with blocks that each had 16 triangle/sqs.  Each red block has a green mate.  The applique angels were a pre-print ornament material I had picked up at a yard sale.