Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another baby quilt- green and gray!

The soon to be New Mom asked for greens and grays as her choice for colors for the baby quilt.
This piece was found in my stash.  I love the green and gray!

A 2 inch border of green check on a white background and a 6 inch border of dark grey were added to the print to make a good size back.  If you like to speculate as to why the borders look wavy, that would be b/c it is not ironed, or squared up yet.  I kinda just let it fall to the floor so I could take a picture.
The small tumbler die for the GO was used to cut scraps.  Special thanks to the other gals for getting this cut out at quilt group.  I was supposed to kit them up for the  to sew- my bad.  I was only going to do a couple of rows and hand it off, but these are so easy I just kept going.  I sew my 'row' together in a loop and then cut either a green or gray in half, that gives me a straight edge on the sides.  When I get the length I want I sew the top row to the bottom and cut one row in half.  That gives me a 1/2 block across the top and bottom to match the sides.

I had enough of the dark gray left to do a small border on this top.  I should then be able to  quilt it all together in time for the baby shower in a few weeks.