Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a little quilting and a little collecting

I don't quilt for the public but every now and then I get talked into working on a donation project.
This Quillow is for an upcoming event to raise money for kids.  I didn't write the details down so I am not sure exactly when this auction piece will find a new home.  The 'boots' were new to me and took a bit to get use too!
 Thanks to Craig's list, I got to help a gal purge her glass and mosaic collection prior to her move.  I know I didn't really need to spare her the joy of adding all this to her yardsale.
I paid more than I wanted too and way less then it is all worth but happy to say it is home and on its way to being sorted and introduced to my own collection of misc future yard sale stuff.
(Seriously, this is supposed to be all used up in mosaic work in my lifetime, but we all know the grand-kids will be cleaning it up long after I am gone- lol)
We lost count on the number of full jars.  The glass globs, marbles, stained glass pieces, stones, and other misc were sorted and brought inside.  There are 4 totes of ceramics/china/etc/ and a dozen more lg pickle jars left to go through this week.

Who wants to take bets on how many relatives will get some sort of mosaic stepping stone for Christmas this year---insert evil laugh here- lol
Karlee 'found' the glass leaves and I added them to the one plant I haven't killed yet.  Today is very overcast, hopefully tomorrow morning I can enjoy the sunlight coming in.