Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chisel die, great for making braids!

A couple of summers ago, I die cut a bunch of chisel shapes.  I think I was trying to get material for my Dear Jane and had time to try out my die cutter.  I made a back for my Dear Jane (finished the back but the DJ is still a work in progress)
To make a short story longer, I pulled out the chisels and played a bit.  Now I have two tops to add to my get it quilted and give it away pile.

This braid looks like it needs some applique, wish I had thought of that before I sewed the top together- lol  Flowers, birds, dogs or cats?  I would say let me sleep on it, but I bet I forget in the morning!  As is this top is about 72" x 72"  I may do one more border of the cream and bring it up to 84 x 84.