Monday, March 18, 2013

scrappy star chisel die and a book Give-A-Way

Cyber Quilting Friend Erin, did a book give-a-way last week.  Imagine my delight when I opened the mail!  Hubby wanted to know what I 'had bought now'- lol

I have only made one 'feathered' star and had to paper piece it.  I think I can get ideas from the books I received and figure out a way to die cut my triangles for a future TO DO.

She also sent me Country Weekend Patchwork Quilts.  I love fast and easy quilts.

So here is my humble Pay it Forward.  Give me a week to kit up some future quilts from the Weekend Patchwork book and I will send it along with another book from my shelf to one of my cyber quilting friends.

 Since I haven't picked out the second book yet, tell me what you would like to have and IF I can I will share.  Disclosure, I am pretty selfish so don't even ask for any of my Bonnie Hunter books-  just kidding, you can ask, I will say 'NO".

I think it is safe to ask for applique or scrappy or etc......  surely there is something I can pass on.

Now on to the important issue of my day.  Do I add borders and if SO, what?  I have quite a bit of the scrappy chisel pieces cut.  Not very much left of the yellow in the stars, maybe enough for a narrow border(?)  54 x 72-ish