Friday, March 29, 2013

chisel circles die cut

Not a real tutorial but if you are like me and can get inspired by photos- here goes---(yes I know you get the same effect by adding triangles to the opp. corners of a sq)  I already had the chisels cut so I am working this shape-  you can use different fabrics for the two pieces.  Mix it up it all turns out great.

The stripes matching is purely accidental- just goes to show how accurate this die is!

 I am slowly getting to the bottom of my chisel bin.  Looks like I have just enough for a couple of more scrappy tops after this one :)
I pulled a handful of light colored triangles for my corners.
chain sew, make sure you have bobbin thread every once in awhile- lol

I had 80 sets pre-cut so this top will be sew 8 x 10 blocks

If case you are wondering why my machine is set on a place mat.  The answer is I am sewing on the dinning room table and I can just push the machine out of the way if I need the space.  This machine is a cheapie from Walmat and I have gotten a lot of mileage out of it.  Great stitch and good speed.  Scrap quilting doesn't need to be expensive.