Monday, December 17, 2012

Thrift Store Dolls- Merry Christmas to me!

Today I ran in to my local Thrift Store to 'see' if they had any bowling balls or microwave trays (Don't ask!)

First thing I see is these beautiful Disney Princesses.  I took a quick look and fell in Love.  I can justify the expense if I purchase them for one of the grand-daughters. It is the Holiday time btw.

I think I was hoping they would not still be at the counter when I was ready to check out.

Three bowling balls and two microwave plates later, I get back to the counter and the dolls are still there!  I dig into my wallet looking for a check.  Kinda hoping I don't have one so I can have a way out.  The gal at the counter, laughed at me and said, : You know We take Debit cards too...."  (I didn't know that, now I can NEVER be trusted to go back in alone-  there goes my NO BUY)  I told her Thanks for the info but I was holding out for the excuse that I might not have a check.  Soon as I said those words, I 'found' the check I keep for Emergencies- you know the one for if I find beautiful Disney Princesses!

Of course these will eventually be given to Karlee and/or Breely, their mom Kelly might get first dibs, but for now they are all posing on my dresser.  I am off to Google 18" Brass Key Porcelain Dolls to see if I can find out more about them.

I might have to Google for a small collectable glass cabinet too!

- cw