Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One thing leads to another! Dolls cont...

Yesterday I shared about my Thrift shop 'find'.  What is a new doll collection without a place to display them?
Thanks to Craig's list I was able to find two newly listed display cases.  Hubby was actually in the area of the seller last night and stopped by and picked them up.  How is that for timing!

These pieces were not expensive so they will be perfect to gift to the grand-daughters when the girls get a little older.  Karlee spent the night last night and helped me clear out a place in my bedroom for both cabinets.
The one on 'my' side of the room will be filled with dolls.  The one on hubby's side of the room will most likely remain empty.  I offered to go shopping for more dolls to fill the second one and he said NO! 

Maybe he will change is mind- lol