Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Blog Group

I have been trying to figure out how we can Knot-A-Long as a group and get the feed back and encouragement we all like to have when working group projects.

I considered doing Links but they cost $$ and you are never sure if anyone reads all the posts.

I also thought about doing a yahoo group just for the Trinity Celtic Knots Pattern but don't really have time (putting that in writing is a sure bet I will find time and form the group- lol)

So after talking to cyber friends, I am proud to announce a new BLOG-
you are welcome to follow, and be a guest poster.(just let me know)

I have a couple of patterns left to give away (Lynn, yours is IN the mail)

Let's see if we can't get a few more friends to join us in the Knot-A-Long.

Plans are to start instructions on Tuesday.

If you don't have a pattern yet and don't want to wait and try win one, my friend Pam carries them at her shop.  Her e-mail is