Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cassville MO Quilt Show

My friend Pam has a booth at the quilt show this weekend in Cassville, MO.  She is selling fats, and patterns, GO's and dies and a bunch of other need to haves.

Dawn and I ran down to see what was hanging to draw inspiration from.  There were many beautiful quilts!!  (Way to go quilters in SW Missouri!)

Evidently my camera battery is either way to low or I have messed up the settings so please excuse the poor pictures.

The only reason I am even showing them off is to remind myself that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Here's the story:  Dawn and I were working our way up and down the rows of beautiful quilts.  We were commenting on the usual :I could do that, and I couldn't do that etc......
We spotted a cluster of similar quilts that I immediately recognized as Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilts.

Three beautiful quilts sewn by different quilters in different color ways.  Usually when I see these style quilts the comments from others are ":I could Never do that many pieces!"  I have made a few of Bonnie's Mysteries but did NOT do this one.  I remember following the banter of the on-line quilts as they worked through the blocks and on to completing tops.

When I saw the reveal I was a little glad I didn't participate (this pattern and color set was not that appealing to me)  I thought it was great that the quilters who did choose to make one seemed to love theirs, it just wasn't me.

Well seeing all three hanging together just took my breath away.  I am almost glad I don't have a better picture b/c then I would want to dig out the pattern and start my own.
The fabrics are so scrappy.  I stood in front of it for a couple of minutes just enjoying the different materials.
Another group of gals came up to view this set and I heard one comment on my favorite.  She said:  "I don't really like that one, it is way too busy"  Another gal said:  "I would prefer if they sashed between the blocks"

Just goes to show it really is in the eye of the viewer.