Sunday, June 25, 2017

Library acrylic pour class

Lot's of fun!  Kids did a good job. We even managed to set the painting level in the back of my Durango before the rain poured down on us..  Lessons learned-- don't mix red and green unless you really want brown.  We actually did a pour, a tilt, a spread using toothpicks and some free style paint additions. Very successful day.  One canvas, 5 students, many many interesting happy accidents in paint.

B/C of rain I left the painting in the back of my car for the day.  Later I discovered that a flower pot spilled over and got dirt on our collaboration.  Our masterpiece was ruined but thanks to Brooke, we have lots of photos.

Students asked to extend the class, so starting in August, we will meet on Saturday mornings for six classes.

If you are wondering why we are pouring onto a 'used' canvas, the reason is I moved my "Owl" before the paint dried and messed it up.  Wiping the surface off to DO again on another day, left an interesting swipe,.

The canvas from that project and this project was used in another Try-To- Learn-To -Do.  Not perfect but rather enjoyable.  Don't remember when the last time I just "doodled" was.  Doing it in paint with a brush is a bit out of my skill level.  However I am getting the hang of multi-color backgrounds, and paint PENS are wonderful!  Still working on letting things dry before I mess with them though--lol

daughter of the KING
another canvas that was wiped off and re-done.  The idea for the dog came from a piece of fabric scrap. I googled sayings for inspiration before I lay down for a nap--lol.    I may or may not re-do the face-  looks kinda busy to me.