Saturday, June 11, 2016

flowers, flowers, flowers!

Marionville quilt class at the library on the first Tuesday of each month is always a lot of fun.  We have great show and tells.  I pretend to teach the class but Connie always has all the examples made.  This series we are looking at ways to applique.  I have the complete set of 21 flowers from the Detroit Press 1931. - 1932.  Some of these flowers were re-introduced in the Kansas City Star a few years later.

Here is a sneak pre-view of my work so far:

(Disclaimer-  I wasn't sure if I was going to do any blocks but did a coin flip that confirmed that 'I was"  My flip-a-coin version of quilt design is leading to a few interesting choices in this future keepsake.)

I have the first 7 blocks cut out and ready to machine raw stitch applique.  I hope to embellish with embroidery and maybe even a bead or two here and there.    The flower pots/vases were all cut from the same piece of batik (another coin toss decision)

The battery on my camera is low so I didn't get pictures of all seven that are done to this stage.  14 to go!

I like to add words to my outer borders-- This quilt will read:

The grass withers
The flower fades
but, The WORD of
GOD stands Forever

two of my favorites--so far

ooops I see a piece missing,