Monday, May 30, 2016

My Journey 2016- Time to tackle the piles

I mentioned before that I lack the skills to actually ask for what I want.  I have over the years written out detailed plans for ideas that I would like to do.  I usually loose the napkin I wrote them down.

I am going to try something 'new' to me.  My focus this week is to specifically edit my spaces and clutter.  (Insert all your images of a hoarder here!)

While I manage to pretend that I am moving piles around and have a plan, truth is I don't.  I get many ideas and really don't have the physical ability to implement them all.  (Another reason to continue getting stronger)

Special thanks to Deny for reminding us that 'cleanliness is next to Godliness' is not in the Bible. That helped a so much to take the pressure off-  just kidding.  Maybe he was deeper then he intended to be and meant "god-liness"  making the act of cleaning into an idol.  I have no plans to convert to a worshiper of anyone/.anything other then our Creator.

Healthy living is still my mantra for the month.  I plan to explore different parts of what makes me tick over the course of these posts.

First the moving piles around is not a joke.  For years I have been collecting items for future projects.  My dad use to say if you see something buy it b/c you will spend 10x  as much money and time collecting the supplies to make it yourself.  This is advice is so true.  Like many students of life, I always fail the test and the make-up test.  The bulldozers and dump trucks have not lined up at the door (yet) so maybe there is hope that I can get a handle on it.

Here are my specific visions for the basement.  (Reference is to a vision board not a cosmic experience)  Starting in no particular order.

Back store room:  convert to mosaic room.  Move Jesse's blue desk to the west wall.  Move all holiday storage items to another location to be determined later.  Use north wall for shelves and edit supplies to specific projects.  I will keep the cat's litter boxes in this room and promise to keep them clean.

Glass room.  Sort, clean and edit materials.  Remove all items that are not necessary for the creative process to work/design with glass.

Laundry room.  Move washer/dryer to east wall.  Install toilet and sink and counter tops.  Consider the area where washer/dryer are currently and see if this area can be converted to holiday storage. Address concerns  for the overhead pipes.

Sewing room-  finish putting stuff  away.  Pat on the back, this room is closest to being usable the way it is.

Furnace room.  Clean out and install cabinets/counter tops to make into a Kitchenette area.  Use the cabinets for storing overflow kitchen stuff, large pots/pan etc...

Fireplace room.  Clean out and add shelves to east wall.  Move quilting machines and materials from church building back home.

Gun room  Install cabinets and counter tops.  South side of room, clean up and add shelves or cabinets on south wall and/or east wall by fireplace for misc storage.  Keep room open, maybe couch or chairs and small table.  Do a stained glass piece for window.

I am thankful for the space we have in the basement.  I have wonderful memories of the many different ways we have utilized these spaces.  Walls have gone up and been taken down.  Just about every room has been used as a bedroom for a bit.  Kids have moved in and out.  Stuff has been stored, sorted and stored some more.  As much as I have enjoyed each phase of use in our downstairs areas I am ready to ask for help in meeting goals for how it is used now.  I do not want the basement to be a junk area, I want to use it as a space to be creative and spend time with family and friends doing good works with our hands.

I know there will be a lot of physical work needed to make my vision a reality.  I hope family and friends will bear with me as I hint, and hint and hint and finally work up to asking for help.

Anyone available to help me get started?