Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Library Exchange Christmas blocks 2015

Group meets first Wednesday at 2:30.  We have traded 12 1/2" blocks the past couple of months.  Trades are one for one.  Each person was asked to made sets of 6.  I usually trade two sets but this month I only made 6 blocks.

I can't wait till tomorrow to get my last blocks that are going in this top.  As usual I jumped ahead and started setting things together without having everything I need--lol

I chose to make 4 block sets (set together with a narrow green stripe)  I am setting those 9 together with red w/white dots strip.  I think I will add a black print as an outer border to finish the top.

I am very pleased that the library group has been so productive-  Maybe we can have a mini-quilt show after the holidays to show off our group exchange!