Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hopefully this is the last time I move fabric around

Special Thanks to my kids, grands, and friends for helping move and sort the fabric stash.  No excuse now for not getting this busted in my life-time!  About time to start the quilting group back up.  Thinking about doing Wednesdays at the church building.  I teach an intro to quilting class on 1st Wednesday afternoons at the library  Bet we can add 3rd Wednesday workshops and sew donation quilts this fall.

today the kids helped move the mags and book case

holiday theme scraps and batting

novelty yardage to be used for children's quilt projects 

material is sorted by colors on the back wall.  side wall is tops and backs that need quilted some day.  The quilting machine and table were moved over a couple of months ago.

Left over Double Knits, enough for a couple more projects.