Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend get away and a little sewing time.

 Hubby and I ran down to AR for the Bike, Blues and BBQ.  Great weekend for a ride!

The top photo is a WIP, I am working on for the back for the bottom picture (another WIP-lol)
 I don't have a formal design wall at the cabin so I am using the hood of the car.  I think a couple of borders and the triangles will make a nice back for my mini's.  I had extra pieces cut so I added a border to the mini's.  This is why I have so many Works in Progress, they never stop growing up!
 While I am showing off progress from the weekend.  Here are a few of the flowers I am starting to sew together.  I am pleased that I am sticking to this take along project.  I have (had) 244 flower sets cut out.  I figured out how to hand sew while we were riding.  Note to self:  Do not put baggies of pieces in a loose jacket pocket.  I now know how fast one can loose her work off the back of a bike.
Sew, how was your weekend?