Sunday, October 14, 2012

Daisy practice block

We went to the lake for a little R&R. I like to take a project or two to play with.  This is a practice piece.
I forgot to take my camera so I had to use my phone's camera and text pics to hubby to email to me- lol

I like the Kansas City Star pattern for the MO Daisy block.  I need to fine tune my dark pieces.  I use my GO dies to cut the triangle and sqs,  I can cut two blocks from a fat quarter if I use it for background and petals.  I had a set of 8 fats that I am going to cut for a kit.  I also pulled 8 fats of dark blue for my stars.

The pattern said no seams, so I assumed I needed to add seam allowance on the pieces I traced.  Now I don't think I needed to b/c the background comes out just shy of where I would perfer it be to not cut off points.  I will try do another block this week to verify, before I cut all the fats.