Saturday, May 23, 2015

Scrappy Borders from gifted strings --Thanks, Dawn!

Dawn gifted me a baggie of scrap strings she picked up thrift shopping (Actually I don't know where she got them but the baggie looked like it had once had a tag on it--lol)

Wish I had thought to get a picture of the bag, this might have been more impressive if you could see what I started with!

24 (Twenty Four!)  String blocks.  Lucky for me I had a ton of 8 1/2 inch  phone book pages already cut out.

This is ALL the left over strips-  Seriously ALL of it.  Am I good or what?

I tore the paper off before I ironed and resized the blocks.  Left the pieces out to long and the cat found them.  OK pick them up again-  twice.

Love my Studio die cutter.  The blocks were sub-cut into 2 1/2" strips  Half were cut with the diagonal pointing left the other half pointing right.  I did not worry about squaring up the blocks before the sub-cut.

I knew I wanted to use the new strips as a border on an existing work in progress.  I auditioned a couple of tops and settled on this one.  More scrappy pieces that Dawn had given me from a friend of hers years ago.

Strips were 2 1/2 x 8 1/2  I had considered a braid look but changed my mind and went for a little scrappier look.

Thrown on the floor to check for missed seams.  Looks good!

Side ways picture of top hanging.  There is a little wiggle to it But I am sure it will all quilt out--ha ha

Love this scrappy border- Thanks again Dawn for thinking of me and sharing your scrappy finds!
Not shown is the new pile of crumbs  (I used almost all the strings on the blocks and now have a bunch of little triangle (ish) shapes from the sub-cuts- wonder who I can gift them too?