Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Took Time to make a little crazy bird

Sometimes I feel like I am never going to get to 'hobby', all I do is move piles of 'future' TO DO's around the basement.  When I moved all Connie's glass to our house I didn't realize how hard 20+ yrs of projects would be to 'hide'.  I have always said fabric is easier to hide then glass!

Several years ago I went on a self imposed "No Buy" for fabric.  For the most part I have stuck with it.  I have (with help) gone through all the stash and organized into keep and let it go.  My only quilting purchases have been my GO cutter and dies.  I can actually 'see' me being the One that uses all her fabric before I die.  (Use it or gift it)  It is rather nice to be down to one room where I can see what I have to work with and pull stash and sew.  Two of my girls raid the fabric room for personal projects, probably so they won't get stuck with it all later.

I project at least 40 more hours sorting glass and supplies in case you are wanting to come over and help.  I am overflowing my designated glass room and am having to relocate the mosaic TO DO's to make room for things that have to stay climate controlled.  Of course with the weather, progress has been slow moving stuff out.

Tonight I made myself take a break and play.  This wonky bird was in with Connie's patterns.  I had seen one of her originals and mentally added it to my TO DO list.  It has been awhile since I actually played with the whole process.  I fussy cut out 10 sets of misc. scrap glass and rough cut another 20 sets (just in case-lol)  Now if I ever want to teach a class on how to burn one's fingers I am ready to go.
 My favorite part was trying to remember all the steps to working with glass.  My grinder works!  I can still apply the foil.  It wouldn't hurt me to practice soldering a bit more.  I loved getting to play with the wonky beaded headdress.  There wasn't enough sunlight to show off how cute this.
One down, 19 to go!  Wish me luck--lol