Monday, August 4, 2014

LEGO Lamp Shade wip

Lamp has been re-done to make the base more stable.  I also go to use up more Legos!

My attempt at melting small pieces for the shade.  Hubby didn't like the 'smell' so these came out of the oven early,  For some reason I like them better wonky!  Now to work on the frame and see if my idea will work before I melt the rest,

Took an old lamp shade and striped it.  Then sewed wire mesh to make a new base.  Look all over for my box of bias binding to use as an accent,  Even Connie did not know where I had put it for safe keeping.

On my hunt for binding I came across a pom-pom trim.  Wouldn't you know half of it already has the balls cut off.

Time to make another batch.

Trim is on and I used clothes pins to hold it tight at the top and bottom.  Jumped ahead and started gluing on the Lego globs  So far, so good.

Yes I will most likely add the pom-poms to the bottom and maybe even the top.!  I have always wondered why I have the red trim in my stash--lol