Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sew N Sew-479-451-1685

I have a new favorite quilt shop to visit when headed to the lake.  Sew & Sew is located in Pea Ridge AR.
Harold Roberts runs the shop and was a great guy to visit with.  I espcially got a kick out of seeing his quilting machines.  Harold does beautiful work for his customers.  His prices are very reasonable too!  If you are in the area and are in need of a personal long arm quilter, give him a call to see if your needs can be met.  He has the shop I would love to live in!
 This is the fabric I chose to use do the commissioned quilt for the IDF donation to raise money for company contributions for student education funds.  I found it a Harold's shop and he is holding it for me till Monday.  I can't wait to run down and pick it up.-  cw