Thursday, April 11, 2013

Orphan block, crumb quilt

I was digging through my 'collection' of blocks that didn't make it into a snuggle under for some reason or another.  (I swear these multiply over the years)  Many are extras from swaps or rejects gifted to ME b/c everyone knows I will eventually use them.

I got it in my mind that I just needed to sort the overflowing box and pull out favorites to use as pot holders or placemats.  Now, what do I do with the rest?

TA DA----------a scrappy crumb style top!

 First I sorted by size, I had enough 6.5 inch blocks to  do a center.  I sewed them log cabin style, starting in the middle and moving around clockwise with similar blocks.  I got a 36 x 36 start on a future baby size quilt.

Then I got the idea to die cut the other blocks at 4 inches.  The scraps from that cut will go into my 'crumb'  tub.  I sewed the cuts into strips.  Then I added my new strips to the center in a 'courthouse steps' style.
I added a row to the left & right, then to the top & bottom.  I then repeat till I used up all the strips.  Left overs went to the crumb tote for 'next time'
A small inner border and a 6(ish) inch print should bring this up to a nice size keepsake.
I giggle b/c some of these 9 patches are from a swap in early 2000!

Next I had to raid my stash and look for a border print.  The tan was pre-cut for a binding.  I don't mind sewing bias, especially if I don't have to cut it first.  The outer border was a yard of strip that never seemed to get picked for a project.  I love how they both fit the scrappy top.

Don't hold your breath it may be awhile before I get around to picking a quilting pattern, I still have a rather large pile of future placemats to play with.