Friday, July 17, 2015

5 quilt tops in 2 days lot's of fun (and fabric)

Shouts out to my 'two quilt top holders'-  Thanks girls!

I have been busting stash this week.  Wednesday was a fun day to get together and match up fabrics for kid size charity/donation quilts.  Smaller strips of material were sorted for making one of a kind keepsakes.

Jasmine and Amelia pulled favorite fabrics for themselves and their younger brother Robert.  These three are the visiting grand-kids of a friend of ours.  Our grandson, Andrew made a top too but I didn't get a photo yet.

Don't fall !!

Amelia (age 10)  Her applique fish still needs sewn down. (top left)

Robert (age 7)  loves the fabrics his sister picked for him-- lots of baseballs

Jasmine (age 12)  never to young for a love of chocolate! 

Amelia had extra pieces she likes so we made a doll quilt and pillow with the leftovers.