Monday, October 29, 2012

Go Circles- another Baby Quilt

My Niece, Krystal is getting a new Nephew in Jan.2013.  She came over today to borrow my GO Baby and the Circle die.  I can't wait to see what she cuts out.

U-Tube Inspiration Video Here.

She purchased a focus print that we hope to use on the back.  I bordered a background piece to add the circles too.  We plan to use it for the front.

I can see this style as being a fun way to use up scraps or focus fabrics!

Krystal has been playing with the placement of the die cut circles.    Plans are to get together at the end of the week to work on quilting this future keepsake!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

15 min clean/fling

My good friend, Dawn, challenged me to do a 15 clean/fling.  She didn't actually call it that, but the idea is the same.  Instead of my whining about how cluttered my side of the bedroom is, I actually cleared off a few surfaces and dusted.  (YES, dusted!)

 I almost never show photos of my bedroom.  I never let anyone outside of immediate family through the door.  I have a very yardsale/thrift shop style of decorating.  Unfortunately I also have a very bad habit of not making the bed or putting clothes away.  The joke is I clean the room once a year whether it needs it or not.

 I dusted off our wedding picture and a shot from 25 yrs later.  Haven't changed a bit!
My dresser is totally cleaned off and dusted too.  Can't take a picture of it b/c the mirror reflects the mess in the rest of the room- lol

I have a collection of white vases that I want to set out on the long dresser to decorate for the Holidays.  That is going to be my motivation to clean the rest of the room.  I might just have to quilt a Holiday quilt for the bed while I am at it.  (Not going to commit to which Holiday or which year, but I will commit to 15 minutes of  de-clutter. ) Wish me well.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hexies, Flowers, starting to grow on me

68 flowers sewn, not all sewn together yet.  I have hundreds left to do.  This top is growing on me in more ways then one.  I think it is going to be a keeper.

Now to fight the urge to cut out pieces in the larger die sizes.  Well I may give in and just cut a few, just to see how they would look.  2013 may be my year of the hexies!!

Trinity Celtic Knot quilts on disply at the Monett church of Christ/Red Cross Blood Drive

120x120 king for Mike and Kelly

2 inch strips w/ border,

mini made with 1 1/2" strips, the outer border is large b/c I hope to scallop after quilting

Debbie H. needs binding.  She is the closest to being done

Dawn had her top set together first.  Now to quilt and bind poss this year?

Close up of Dawns fabrics.  2 inch strips

After seeing Sharon's I want to make on in Christmas fabrics.  Her's is not a holiday print but wouldn't this pattern look great in greens and reds!!
I think this one of Edna's is my favorite.  I love how the print fabric teases the third knot.

close up, Edna used yardage and sheets to pull this all from stash.
We host the Blood drive a couple of times a year.  It is always fun to get to hang a few quilts for the doners to enjoy.  This group of quilts was quite the conversation starters.  Pattern is by Deb Cohen called Trinity Celtic Knot.  My friend Pam sells the pattern at her shop in Cassville/Exeter, MO

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Daisy practice block

We went to the lake for a little R&R. I like to take a project or two to play with.  This is a practice piece.
I forgot to take my camera so I had to use my phone's camera and text pics to hubby to email to me- lol

I like the Kansas City Star pattern for the MO Daisy block.  I need to fine tune my dark pieces.  I use my GO dies to cut the triangle and sqs,  I can cut two blocks from a fat quarter if I use it for background and petals.  I had a set of 8 fats that I am going to cut for a kit.  I also pulled 8 fats of dark blue for my stars.

The pattern said no seams, so I assumed I needed to add seam allowance on the pieces I traced.  Now I don't think I needed to b/c the background comes out just shy of where I would perfer it be to not cut off points.  I will try do another block this week to verify, before I cut all the fats.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Missouri Daisy

Blogger friend/quilter, Roslyn Atwood
let it slip that she has always wanted her own Missouri Daisy Quilt.
Well what's a gal to do?  I dug through my old Kansas City Star patterns and 'found' the one that looks like the pattern Roslyn is looking for.
Several e-mails back and forth and I think we have a plan. 
What do you want to bet I am going to be working on a couple of new tops in my future!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend get away and a little sewing time.

 Hubby and I ran down to AR for the Bike, Blues and BBQ.  Great weekend for a ride!

The top photo is a WIP, I am working on for the back for the bottom picture (another WIP-lol)
 I don't have a formal design wall at the cabin so I am using the hood of the car.  I think a couple of borders and the triangles will make a nice back for my mini's.  I had extra pieces cut so I added a border to the mini's.  This is why I have so many Works in Progress, they never stop growing up!
 While I am showing off progress from the weekend.  Here are a few of the flowers I am starting to sew together.  I am pleased that I am sticking to this take along project.  I have (had) 244 flower sets cut out.  I figured out how to hand sew while we were riding.  Note to self:  Do not put baggies of pieces in a loose jacket pocket.  I now know how fast one can loose her work off the back of a bike.
Sew, how was your weekend?