Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2nd Mosaic

Another collaboration piece.
I wanted to break up a white plate with red trim (the only red I have at the time)
There was just not enough to go all the way around so we spaced it out and filled in with white background.

I wanted to do a swirl.  Karlee wanted to use the red globs we found at the Thrift Shop.  We did both in a glob-ie  swirl!  We used all the red pieces.  Karlee thinks it looks like a blue twirling sun with cherries falling off.   Oh, to be 5 again!!
What an imagination,  it is obvious this is a turtle- lol

What shall we make tomorrow?  Stay tuned.
I think we will grout this weekend.  I want to let the plates dry and see if I need to fill in any empty areas.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Creative Side trying out a little Mosaic

I wish I had my camera earlier when the grand kids were helping me break plates.  Lane wears his safety glasses and gloves.  He layers the plates and covers them with a cloth.  He has several hammers he likes to use depending on the size he is wanting to break.
Karlee wears gloves and picks out the usable size pieces.  She helps Lane re-stack for the next round.

The other day we decided we needed a new project for summer.  We found a dozen glass microwave shelves at the Thrift Shop.  I thought they would make a nice base for some Mosaic Yard Art.

This piece is designed by Karlee (age 5) and me.  It is our first collaborated piece.  I think she will have many ideas over the next few years.
We laid out the checked pieces and were happy there were enough to go around the out side.
Karlee came up with the idea of making a face.  She also chose yellow for the background.  I think it looks like a sun.
Tomorrow we learn how to -grout-

I think I am going to like this new way to be creative.  Dibs on your broken plates!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

can we do a little Eye Spy with a D9?

I hope to add the new baby's name, DOB, and stats to the yellow strips!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another Baby Quilt Top

I had some left over squares from the last black and white top.  I made four 9-patch and sub-cut to made the D-9 block.
Krystal got me started on making B&W for baby quilts.  I have several showers coming up and wanted to get a head start..  I know several are for boys and at least one is a girl.
I found this cute baby in a diaper (I changed it a bit to make it a one-sy.)

Since I am working from stash the back material for this quilt will be a Batman print on a blue background.  That's the only piece I have that will fit.
Grand Daughter, Karlee helped pick out fabrics.  She is wanting to get all the appliques laid out this week.  Don't think she is very concerned about the actual quilts, just wants to pull scraps for the babies- lol

I had one mom request greens and tans, we 'found' a color book turtle that will look cute on a quilt.  We also found a bear, a rocking horse and a couple of other simple things to applique.

Now to decided if I want to embroidery the features or just use permanent marker.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

What to do with rescued UFO's

A few years ago I picked up this double knit bow ties.  It needs work.  I figured I could un-sew a few rows and re-set it into a nice utility quilt.   Well you know the best laid plans and all.......

The other day I got another UFO from a yard sale.  The gal threw it in for free b/c there was only 1/2 of a top.  Her mom was working on a double knit project.  I assume someone else bought the squares that would finish this.  Nice thing about showing up late to a sale, you don't have to spend as much as the early birds.
I thought I could cheat and just add a light solid w/some applique for another good size utility keepsake.
Kind of a Sunshine and Shadows style.

Would you believe these two pieces are about the same size.  What are the chances of that!!

I pinned right sides together across the top and side just to be sure.  They are a perfect match!  The diagonal seam on the top piece matches perfect with the diagonal set of the bottom bow ties.

Now if I can just find a needle that will sew double knit!
I think there will be enough of the small bow ties left over to make a small rug.
I just love getting to rescue other people's UFOs!

I picked up about a dozen yards of a nice Red double knit  at the last yard sale too.  I think it will make a very nice back for this soon to be new utility snuggle under.  A thin batt and yarn ties will be a nice way to add a TA- Done to my list of TO-DOs this year.

I haven't measured this yet but it is pretty big!

Thought I would play with the image in PhotoBucket- what do you think?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Anniv to US!

Carl and Cheryl Willis, July 5th, 1981

This photo was taken on our wedding day.  Our actual wedding pictures were taken a week or so later.  Yes, I did dress up for the ceremony.  This shot is later in the day.

See the tape on the bottom edges?  I have had this original on my fridge, wall, file cabinet, etc  for over 30 yrs.  It seems like yesterday!  4 Kids, 6 Grands later and I would do every minute of it all over.