Saturday, April 30, 2011


May 31-  as you can see I didn't get this block finished.  I will work on it as time permits but now I am on to ideas for JUNE-INDIGO-  are you planning to join us in the Monochromatic Challenge?
5-04 update:  I played around a bit today with themes and layouts.  I really planned to do pieced flower baskets for this one.  They didn't get done.-  oh well, maybe next time.

Looks like this is going to be a raw-edge applique block.  Now I just need to decided if I want to use Red or Black thread.

Did you catch the S O S- (mayday) in Morris code in the upper left corner?  Luke 22:19  Do this in Remembrance of Me (Memorial Day)

5-02:  Karen asked me what I am planning, so here goes so far- I've sketched a few ideas -
I want to do pieced baskets,(May Day)
a heart w/MOM (mothers day)
haven't figured out memorial day(want to get that in there)
our oldest son, Michael's, bday is may 6- I have a footprint of his that I might try applique, turns out Son-in-Law, Nick's bday is may 27- two footprints!
so far all I've committed to is Red and White.
I probably should write this down on my TO DO list- lol

Yeah I can do RED!

first I need to get the puppies to pose for a photo, not only is this an on going Challenge, I am watching the pups grow up this year.  They are both now house broke, can sit and we are working on stay.  Neither has learned to say 'cheese'.  Jack and Oreo are now about 4 months old.

Again I am only doing one post for this color,  I will update as I progress.
To see the other months/colors check out this link:  MC Challenge  2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Raw Edge Wedding Ring Arches

I love to cut scrappy pieces when we travel.  These quilts were made several years ago.  I cut wedding ring pieces and sewed arches.  The arches are then raw-edge appliqued to a background sq.

Barbara Brackman is taking a look at 'snakes' over on her blog.  These are tech not snakes but could be adapted pretty easy.
This one was set on a light green background.  I made a few on tans and creams.  On my TO DO list I really want to do one on RED!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks #3

The mail was just full of surprises today. Special THANKS to Quiltmaker for the coffee cup! (I am going to have to do a whole post on my cup collection someday)

I just love it! and I just loved getting to test blocks for this volume. I got a late start but had a lot of fun actually reading directions. (I am known for jumping ahead and making my own mistakes)

My goal was to be of service and hopefully learn a new thing or two. One thing I learned is don't judge a block until you personally have made it. I had a couple of blocks that I might not have sewn if it weren't for this assignment. Now I have some lovely pieces that can be worked into future projects.

My copy of the mag arrived Thursday. Karlee (age 4) and I read through it admiring the lovely patterns and materials. Karlee was quick to point out the ones I made. I was a little surprised that she remembered. I asked her if she wanted to help me do the next set and her answer was YES! I can't wait to get started.... vol 4- let's do some more!

I love anything I can raw-edge applique!

Rubber band block- I just love scrappy!

I have a few others that will end up in a orphan block donation quilt someday.- cw

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jelly Roll and Fats ready to GO for summer wedding Quilts

Working on thinking on what pattern to quilt this with- hollar if you have a suggestion- cw
May 6th, got the top laid out and sewn up yesterday.  Originally laid out in 6 x 8  blocks, then took off top row and added to the side for a 7 x 7 setting.  Friday night sew-in got the borders on.  Breeley (11mo 2 days) has wore herself out 'walking'.  She laid herself down for a nap!.
A nice set of Fats in greens and blues and a Jelly roll in similar colors soon to be a beautiful Wedding Quilt for a young couple from church. I used my GO and the tri-die and 2 " sqs die to cut a practice block. I hope to cut the blues and greens up into kits for the gals at church to sew.

It might be fun to have the only 'rule' that the solid sq goes in the middle and the tri/sqs and 4-patch are up to the participant. Might make for an interesting project.
From the practice pieces you can see that the 'star' can spin right or left and the corner patches can go in several layouts. You can also make the star light or dark.
The Jacobs ladder can also be light or dark.

We decided to go with the jacobs ladder block for this project.  -cw
Alright, this last one is just being goofy!